End-user safety: Little things matter in safety

Injuries typically happen while we're doing things we see as minor or familiar.

Elevators, escalators, autowalks, and automatic building doors are among the safest modes of travel, and millions of people use them every day. However, safety is a joint effort that involves everyone - including you. Learn below about the safe use of our equipment!

Safe use of elevators and escalators


Stay safe while using elevators!

Be aware of impulsive behavior, like putting your hand or a walking stick to keep the elevator doors open. Take a look at our educational video and be reminded how little things matter in safety!


Pay attention to little things

It’s just an untied shoelace, but it might be a problem if it gets stuck in the wrong place. Take a look at our escalator safety video and be reminded how little things matter in safety.

End-user safety: Little things matter in safety


Max and Bob can teach you about safe equipment use via a game, workbook and more!


Safety online game

Help Bob the elephant in his quest to find his friend Max the mouse, and pay attention to the proper use of elevators and escalators. Remember to tie your shoelaces!


Safety workbook

Explore elevator and escalator safety with the colorful Max and Bob workbook!

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