Little things matter in safety

Elevators, escalators, and autowalks are among the safest modes of travel, and millions of people use them every day. However, safety is a joint effort that involves everyone, from technology and maintenance service providers to building owners and equipment users. We work closely with our customers to help them recognize and deal with situations that could lead to safety risks. We also work rigorously to help everyone who uses an elevator or escalator to be conscious of their own behavior.

Safe use of elevators and escalators

Typically injuries are caused by things that we don’t worry about because they seem too minor or familiar. Little things matter in safety!

Useful resources for children (adults, also!)

Our safety mascots Max and Bob can teach you safe use of equipment via mobile app game, workbook and more!



Explore elevator and escalator safety with the colorful Max and Bob workbook!

Read more about safety in our sustainability report


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