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Safety is a joint effort

Safety of people using elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors involves everyone from technology and maintenance service providers to building owners and equipment users. We, at KONE, work closely with our customers to help them recognize and deal with situations that could lead to safety risks. We communicate actively about safety, organize activities and provide training along with educational materials to our customers and the general public to help equipment users stay safe.

We have easy-to-follow safety check guidebooks for our customers, especially for building owners, facility managers, and operators, to complete visual and functional safety inspections. Carrying out safety checks on a regular basis help maintain the safety and security of the equipment as well as contribute to smooth, uninterrupted people flow. In addition, safety promotion posters can remind end-users of safety tips and encourage safe behavior when using our equipment.

Free downloadable safety posters

Free downloadable safety posters

Posters can help remind end-users of safety tips and encourage safe behavior when using our equipment.

Our support for our customers during the pandemic

The safety of our operations is crucial since our role is to keep societies moving. Our maintenance technicians have a vital role in making sure our customers can keep people moving safely also in critical environments, such as hospitals.

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